LDS Topics

christus-hand-lds-454936-galleryThe LDS Topics section of the site is designed to address various doctrinal and social issues that are relevant to the Mormon Women Stand Mission Statement and are in keeping with Mormon doctrine as it has been revealed.  These pieces are meant to be educational and faith-promoting in the hopes that they will strengthen individuals’ testimonies and understanding of topics that pertain to our day.





Gospel Topics Pages:

Abortion: The Mormon Perspective on Abortion and Human Life

Apostasy: False Prophets, Teachers and “Loyal Opposition”

Chipping Away at Priesthood Authority to Undermine Faith

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Church Public Affairs: Missing Context in Discussions About LDS Women

Domestic Violence: What Is It and What Can We Do about It?

Heavenly Mother: Are You Really There?

Homosexuality: What God Has Declared About Marriage. A Response to Jeff Benedict’s article: Maybe I’ll Meet a Girl

Immigration: Love is the Great Commandment

LDS Women: Church Public Affairs on Missing Context in Discussions About

On the Record: Church Public Affairs Director Addresses FairMormon Conference

Pain: Embrace Peace or Seek Incomplete Solutions Priesthood Authority: The Chipping Away at Mormon Prophets to Undermine Faith

Prophets: A Key to the Lord’s Patterns

Relief Society: Through the Eyes of Eternity