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Human Saviors

General Conference Odyssey post for the Saturday afternoon session of October 1976.


St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria

For the past three weeks, I have been in Europe where life is quite different from America. For starters, Europeans don’t understand why Americans like so much ice and air conditioning. Nevertheless, they politely accept our barbaric ways.


Europeans are either extremely religious (it varies between personal devotion and traditional behavior) or not religious at all. Either belief makes missionary work very difficult. But, Mormons have not come to play, they have come to save. The saints who are there are strong, the missionaries are fierce, and visitors come and go, shining their light at a steady flow. All are human saviors.


My thoughts have run deep as I ponder what it’s like to live my religion in a place so full of monuments, idols, gold, and ritual. As I read the talks in this session, my thoughts easily tied into the impressions I observed these past three weeks.

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Standing By Our Personal Declarations

This post is part of the General Conference Odyssey group. Each week we take a session of conference and share our thoughts and impressions about one or all of the talks given. It’s called Odyssey, because we started with 1971, and hope to continue until the present day (roughly 15 years in the future, by the time we catch up). Every Tuesday morning watch for a new General Conference Odyssey post here at Mormon Women Stand. This post covers the Sunday morning session of the October 1975 General Conference.



Back in 1975, L. Tom Perry gave a talk entitled For the Time Will Come When They Will Not Endure Sound Doctrine. And here we are, 42 years later. The time has certainly arrived. As a fairly new apostle, he was not only prophesying our day, he was showing us how to stand by our personal declarations.


A Nation Under God

Elder Perry explained how, along with several national religious leaders, he was invited to assist in planning the United States of America’s Bicentennial celebration. Gathering with his committee, all being religious leaders, he was alarmed when many of them were hesitant to declare this nation under God, as to not offend the atheists. They claimed, “After all, the atheist has a right to his belief, also.” In his talk, he shared with us his feelings:


“Of course, I completely agree that all men must have their right of free agency but I argued vigorously against locking up our own firm convictions just because they could not be accepted by everyone. The more we argued, the more the opposition united against us. We were not able to get ours or any other declaration out of committee.”


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Answer the Call to Defend the Family!

family with many childrenThere is no question there is an attack on the family. Just scan the headlines of any news outlet and you’ll find startling evidence of the strategic ways the adversary is trying to destroy this most beautiful and basic of human relationships.

How do we counteract all of these attempts to redefine the traditional family out of existence? The Family: A Proclamation to the World tells us: “We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.”

We start right where we are: in our own homes, in our schools, in our communities. We teach the truths, live the truths, taught in the Proclamation.  Our examples will speak louder than any words we might say but at times words are necessary to defend truth. If we have our examples to back up our words others are more likely to listen. Continue reading

I Marched Last Weekend, Too.


I did a lot of marching this past weekend, and I’ve heard many other women did, too.



It all began Saturday morning and my MARCH went like this:

  •  I MARCHED downstairs early that morning and went straight over to my husband bent down and interrupted his DIY Network viewing with a great big toe-curling kiss.  I rubbed my hands on his head as we smiled at each other.  I’m thankful that our love is still growing and that he wants to hurry home each night after work to be with me.
  • I MARCHED out the front door, with my husband beside me, for a lovely fast-paced three-mile walk. We talked about all sorts of things and enjoyed some good exercise.  I’m thankful for my body and try to do what I can to keep it healthy and strong.
  • Next, I MARCHED outside to do some yard work.  The rain we had during the week had stopped and the wind had dried things pretty well.  We trimmed our roses together and talked some more.  I love making our home a beautiful place inside and out.  I think it shows the Lord, and my husband, that I’m grateful for the things they have both provided for me.
  • After that, I MARCHED into the kitchen to make us a delicious fajita lunch.  I love cooking.  I especially love cooking for my husband and family.  I find joy by serving them that way.  I’m lucky he’s not a fussy eater
  • I cleaned up and  I MARCHED off to the movies with my boyfriend – who also happens to be my husband – where we sat hand in hand watching the show. We are very protective of our relationship. Date nights, or afternoons, have been a must for us.
  • Home again I MARCHED into the game room where we played several rounds of our family’s favorite card game Nertz with our youngest daughter. Her beautiful family of five are temporarily living with us before they move.  They’ve been with us for a couple of months now.  It’s wild, and crazy, and loud, but I’m happy we have the extra time with them and the ability to help. I’m even more glad they felt comfortable enough to ask us.

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Infidelity Sells But We’re Not Buying

laie-temple-wedding-lds-37780-wallpaperAre we tired yet of fornication before marriage and infidelity after marriage? The media would have us believe it’s natural, or that men and women are not made to be monogamous. We’ve heard all the reasons out there, but I like the way that Dr. Scott Haltzman, a therapist and expert on marriage, challenges this notion:

“Infidelity is not a victimless act. The decision to have an affair involves a secret choice made by one person to rob another person of what is rightfully his or hers: fidelity. It is an act that includes lying, family neglect and often the theft of time and money.

Does that sound harsh? It ought to. Sociology experts and evolutionary psychologists can argue all day long as to whether monogamy is natural or whether it is reasonable for anyone to keep unrealistic vows made in earnest. While the data on the prevalence of infidelity is daunting (about 40 percent of couples will be affected by an affair), the majority of married people have never had affairs. It’s amazing all the “unnatural” things humans can do when they put their minds to it!

So if you’re surprised at the moral outrage against infidelity, you shouldn’t be. Plain and simple, it’s wrong.”

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Let Go, and Let God


gs“Let me do it my way! I don’t need your help!!”

 I’ve been known to tell the Lord a thing or two when I’ve been outraged, hurt, or completely frustrated. Maybe this is the second or third time I’ve gone down the same road, and I still think I can navigate it just fine. Why do I need the Lord now?

There have been other times I’ve collapsed, in sheer exhaustion, giving up my own desires, admitting that I actually do need help. Maybe what I thought was going to be a rough road—because I was still internally fighting—ended up being an easy road because I stopped pitting my will against the Lord’s. And that’s when I finally realized I needed the Lord now, more than ever! There’s a lesson buried somewhere in there.

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What is a Mormon Parent Expected to Do?

Utah Stand for Marriage Rally My husband and I attended our first rally last night. Really, it was our first rally—ever. We had no idea what we were doing there, or what we would see, but as Mormon parents we chose to make a stand. It was exciting to be on the front lines.

As we took our seats, we were handed signs to hold up. There were a few empty seats around us, and the balconies were clear, but overall, the rotunda at the Salt Lake City Capitol Building was pretty full. As the meeting began, we opened with prayer from a local minister, we said the Pledge of Allegiance (which I haven’t had the privilege to say in a long time), and our National Anthem was sung. On our feet, with hands over our hearts, we all felt like patriots and fighters.

This rally was in support of traditional marriage between a man and a woman. As each speaker voiced their strong opinions, they declared that religion should not be political. Commandments are based on God’s will, not the will of the people. For that matter, why is the minority voice so intolerant of the majority voice? We were reminded of the importance to stand up for our rights as citizens, and as a Godly people. We were encouraged to teach our children so the next generation, who would surely be fighting this same fight, would know and understand the difference between right and wrong, truth and error, freedom of religion and uncensored choice. Continue reading

Take a Stand

STANDThere is an old saying, “Put your money where your mouth is.”  I’d like to change that up a bit to, “Put your mouth where your heart is.”  In other words, stand in all places, in all things, and at all times.

We know that we are living in the last days.  This is the last dispensation before Christ comes again to the earth.  We know the prophecies about the last days, and we are seeing some of those prophecies fulfilled.  For me, personally, they are being fulfilled at an alarming rate.  I’m not prepared for what is to come.

We are losing ground with religious freedom, persecution of Christians has become an everyday occurrence, and the world is becoming a very evil place.  While it is a scary thing to watch, we are told to remain calm and that all is as it is supposed to be.  We are told to stand tall, stand firm, don’t apologize for our beliefs, and to stand in holy places.  Indeed, we are being asked to put our mouths where our hearts are.  We are being asked to stand up and be counted among the righteous. Continue reading

Strong Women Needed

lioness-1161922-printWhen I realized that my personality did not fit a soft-spoken, follow-the-leader mold, I spent years trying to change who I am. I was sure that as a Latter-day Saint woman I needed to be calmer, more reserved, less vocal, and less confident. I often dealt with doubts about my personality: Why did I have so much energy and such strong views? Why did I struggle to listen to authority unless I was sure it was from God? Why did I desire so strongly to have my voice be heard?

While I definitely believe that everyone has tendencies that need to be rooted out or softened (like my bad temper), I have learned through scripture study, personal circumstances, and prayer that the Lord loves strong women. In fact, the world today needs strong women who will stand for truth.

My personal journey of faith, study, and self-acceptance led me to the realization that many of today’s women have bold personalities and great ambitions. I do not believe this is just coincidence. Our Heavenly Father knew that the challenges of today would require women of amazing faith, virtue, and courage to carry on His work. Satan knows this too, so he has targeted women of all ages with increasing regularity and force. He knows that if he can lure away strong daughters of God, he can topple families and create so much confusion and heartache, contention and hopelessness in society.

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7 Principles of Good Judgment

white-puffy-clouds-838439-galleryThrough unrighteous judgment we risk missing the opportunity to have the Spirit as our guide. Unrighteous judgment stops the Spirit from speaking to us.

“In LDS doctrine, to be damned means to be stopped, blocked, or limited in one’s progress”. 1

Alma 12:9-11 teaches us that it is our choice to be worthy enough to learn and recognize the mysteries of God. To him who “harden[s] his heart, the same receiveth the lesser portion of the word.” Unrighteous judgment of others will only pull you away from the Spirit, which teaches those things necessary for salvation. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf said,

“I imagine that every person on earth has been affected in some way by the destructive spirit of contention, resentment, and revenge. Perhaps there are even times when we recognize this spirit in ourselves. When we feel hurt, angry, or envious, it is quite easy to judge other people, often assigning dark motives to their actions in order to justify our own feelings of resentment.”2

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