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Carol Rice: Hey, I’m Judging

Related imageHey, I’m judging …

… the immodest dress of that newly-endowed bride.

(Now that I’ve got your attention, allow me to explain.)

You make judgments. I make judgments. We all judge. We’re supposed to. And in my opinion, this “don’t judge me” philosophy has gone a little off the rails.

In reality, we have been commanded to judge and been given instructions on how to do so righteously (see Luke 12:57, John 7:24Matt. 7:6Matt. 7:15–16D&C 38:42.)
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Light and Dark; Don’t Flip the Switch!

light-in-the-darkI love light. But let’s talk about darkness. I don’t ever remember being afraid of the dark as a child. I mean, no more than usual. Were you? Admittedly, it’s uncomfortable to be in the dark. Even in our own homes, a familiar place. When it’s dark, we feel uneasy. We bump into objects that we know are there but we now can’t see. They become obstacles to us.  We have a difficult time recognizing our surroundings and we wonder if there are things hiding there that might GET US!

In the dark our imaginations shift into high gear. Reality becomes distorted to us, and we can begin to see in our minds things that aren’t really there. We can be easily fooled in the dark. We might be presented one thing but told it is something entirely different. Who can forget sticking a hand into that bowl of peeled grapes and being told they were eyeballs, or the wet pasta that was brains at the elementary school spook alley as a child? That about scarred me for life! Continue reading

Building a Testimony On Shaky Ground vs. A Firm Foundation

These days, we can get overloaded with information about the gospel from many different sources, especially online. The catch is knowing who and what information we can trust when we want to build our testimonies on a firm foundation. Do we fall into the trap of accepting everything a blogger, reporter, podcaster or author says about the Church, just because it’s out there? Do we get caught up in believing self-appointed teachers who may or may not have pure motives? How can we become better, more critical and cautious consumers of information, especially when it comes to what we read or hear about the gospel?

These are questions that we probably should be asking ourselves on a regular basis. LDS blogger J. Max Wilson, was featured in an excellent two-part RiseUp podcast on FairMormon. The title of the first podcast is “Building a Testimony on a Sure Foundation.” With permission from the author and the good people over at FairMormon, I’ve compiled some of the main points in an effort to help us know how to become better at discerning between good and not-so-good gospel-related information online. I also recommend listening to the the podcast in its entirety.

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