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Scriptures: Meaning In Their Depth

This is a General Conference Odyssey post.

The other day I was talking with a friend who was explaining to me her view of the world. She said she liked to be open and learn from whatever was “out there” and she opened her arms wide to show how open she was. I appreciated and understood what she was saying, but the thought came to me that I personally prefer to look deep. I further explained that I’m honestly not interested in what the world has to teach me anymore. People are free to believe what they want, but I have learned that for me I like what the scriptures teach as I find meaning in their depth.  

This week, we are covering the welfare session of the October 1977 General Conference. Pres. Kimball talks about consecration and what this principle asks of members of the church. He says,

“Consecration is the giving of one’s time, talents, and means to care for those in need–whether spiritually or temporally–and in building the Lord’s kingdom.”

We’ve all heard that definition most of our lives and it’s familiar to us. Earlier this year, in Sunday School, we all had a lesson on consecration. I remember hearing from a few different Gospel Doctrine teachers that they really didn’t know how to teach anything new in this lesson. However, at that time, we were all still learning how to use the new supplemental material offered in the manual. And it gives an interesting additional view of this principle and has spurred me to study it further. In the article called “The Law,” we learn a few more details.

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When the Lord Calls – Three Ways to be Ready

Elder and Sister PackardIt All Began Here….

When we were forty years old we were given a good amount of stock as part of a business deal. It was projected to increase well in value and be the means to our financial security and early retirement. We went to our financial adviser and enlisted his help. We intended to retire from our business at the age of fifty, just ten years from then. Our plan was to serve as a full-time senior missionary couple for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, at that point. In fact we planned to serve several, alternating spans of time at home and then back out into the field. Our adviser helped us chart out what things needed to be accomplished in the next ten years. We took our plan to the Lord, promising that if He would help us accomplish these things we were His at age fifty. Then we went to work. With laser-beam focus we attacked several personal financial goals…pay off the house, have ‘X’ amount in savings, wills and trusts established, get out and keep out of consumer debt, etc., along with many business goals. Continue reading