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oquirrh-mountain-temple-lds-766358-galleryThe hot topic of the day is whether or not to legalize same sex marriage. The problem with hot topics is that emotions often get in the way of thinking things through in a logical and rational manner. The following article by, “Why Should We Support Traditional Marriage?” clears away all the fog and takes us through many of the relevant issues in a logical, rational fashion. Contention can’t solve anything; logical thinking can. The article shows that civil disagreement is possible.

The article explains the difference between the “conjugal” view of marriage, which holds that “marriage is a union between a man and a woman who share a domestic life oriented towards child-bearing and child-rearing,” and the “revisionist” view, which defines marriage as “an emotional and sexual companionship between partners.” The article then describes what families of the future may look like and the problems that may arise. It explains the possible changes in public norms and how children will be affected by them. The definitions of motherhood and fatherhood are also discussed.

An important aspect that often gets left out of the marriage discussion is that children have a right to their biological parents. This article explains the relationship between children and their biological parents. It also talks about the roles of fathers and mothers in traditional marriages, as opposed to the roles in same-sex marriages. Studies have shown that children do better with their biological parents. While anyone can give love to a child, and many children are blessed by adoptive parents, same-sex marriage makes non-biological parents the norm, rather than the exception.

The article also discusses how same-sex marriage may turn children into commodities. “Not only does third-party reproduction commodify children, but it also risks objectifying the bodies of women. Surrogate motherhood commercializes the otherwise natural act of conception and pregnancy, and ultimately denies the child the right to be raised by the woman who gave her life.”

Human liberty and religious freedom are also addressed in this article; it explains the autonomy of the family and the right to worship in the public square.

Following the article is a list of answers to questions that have long been part of the same-sex marriage/traditional marriage argument. Numerous recurring issues including love, bigotry, “wrong side of history,” adoption, divorce, state control, inter-racial marriage bans, hospital visitation rights, separation of church and state, due process, and equal protection are addressed quite well.

You can find the article here.

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  1. Pat

    I knew there was a good reason why I agreed that same-sex marriages should not be called “marriage”. This article crystallizes my feelings with logic. Thanks so much for giving me a logical and well thought-out reason for agreeing with the Churches stance.

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