Standing with Civility: Mormon Momprenuer Podcast Featuring Mormon Women Stand

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Sarah Madsen Allred, one of the founders of Mormon Momprenuer, recently sat down with co-founder Angela Fallentine of Mormon Women Stand to talk about:
  • The story behind the creation of Mormon Women Stand
  • Defending the family in the halls of the United Nations
  • Why everyday women are so desperately needed as they walk their own halls in the battle between good and evil
  • What it’s like to defend the family while experiencing infertility
  • Helping those who may be having a crisis of faith

Image may contain: 2 people, people smilingSarah is an exceptionally talented podcaster and comes from a long line of powerful LDS women and men: her mother is acclaimed author Susan Arrington Madsen and her grandfather was the LDS Church Historian Leonard J. Arrington. After listening to Sarah, we think you’ll agree that she has many gifts and is truly a Mormon women who stands.
Here are a few links to listen to the podcast while you’re driving or spending time around the house today:


About Mormon Momprenuer & Women and Work

Every women can do business, yes. However, not every women should do business. Business is not for everyone and there are much more important things than business. Our purpose is not to push you into business. In fact, we firmly stand behind the roles of women in the Proclamation to the Family. We also firmly stand behind the power of personal revelation. We know the Lord works in mysterious ways and that all of our paths in this life are different, unique, and divine.  The Lord will not guide you in business endeavors only to let your family suffer and fall by the wayside.  It is not His way.  If you feel prompted to do business, we are here for you. If you feel guided to take on certain projects to see where they go, we want to help. If you feel uneasy, we applaud your courage to say no! (Sometimes we as women have a hard time saying no…right?).

We are here as a resource to make it easier for you to set up a business, build a business, navigate the technical challenges of business, use your business to #sharegoodness and explore your divine potential.

We strongly encourage you to get on your knees FIRST and discover for yourself if this is the right path for you.

… You are a special breed.  You not only love nurturing your faith and growing a family, you like to throw business into the mix.  Wearing all these hats can be exciting but all that business stuff can be exhausting. Whether you need a vision for your business, tips on how to build that website and email list or a community who understands the special form of crazy that being a Mormon Mompreneur takes, this is a place for you.  


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