She Thinks Abortion is part of God’s Plan. No Kidding!

I’m speechless.

(See all this blank space?)

For a writer that’s not good and for me personally, it’s unbelievable. Somehow though, I was able to find 431 words for this post. But, “if a picture paints a thousand words” the 8:13 minute video below could fill volumes.

The video, recently released on the HiHo Kids YouTube channel as part of their “Kids Meet” series [1], introduces tweens and mid-teens to someone who’s had an abortion. Activist group ‘Shout Your Abortion’ [2], co-founder, Amelia Bonow, does her best to convince her young interviewers that abortion is normal and almost cool.

Here are a few of the highlights for me:

  • In answering what having an abortion was like…. “They just suck the pregnancy out…It was like a crappy dentist appointment or something”.
  • In response to the option of adoption…. “I feel if I am forced to create life then I have lost the right to my own life…..Even if you’re giving a kid up for adoption you still, like, have a kid out there somewhere, you know?”. (So, if she doesn’t want her child then no one else can have it either? The epitome of selfishness.)
  • Being asked what she thinks God thinks about abortion…… “I think it’s all part of God’s plan”. (AHHHHH!!!!! This is me screaming, not her.)
  • Be sure to listen to her response as an unborn child is likened to a sea cucumber.
  • When asked if she’s shared the fact that she’s had an abortion with a lot of people or just her close family……. ”I told my Lyft driver on the way over here.” (Clearly, this is something deeply personal. Not.)
  • On why she felt she wanted to tell everyone she’d had an abortion…. ”I felt like the pro-choice movement was really silent.” (Insert me with my mouth wide open and blinking wildly in disbelief here.)
  •  “To me, the phrase pro-life is propaganda because often the people that say that don’t want to take care of people who have babies that they can’t afford and then are totally poor. They want to deprive people of access to healthcare, and, I’m just like, that’s not, you guys aren’t pro-life. I’m pro-life.”
  • On being asked if she feels defined by having an abortion…… “It feels like like I’m living my exact life. God’s plan.”



If you are not talking to your children about abortion, these people are. ‘Shout Your Abortion’, along with other organized groups and society in general – including media, those in education, and countless others are attempting to normalize the killing of unborn children by desensitizing living children to it.


[1] “Kids Meet….”, run by

[2] “Bonow’s group has since 2015 urged post-abortive women to share their stories as a means of ending the social stigma surrounding abortion procedures. Her movement now occupies a relatively mainstream place in the pro-abortion firmament and pushes the notion that women should not be made to feel guilty for having availed themselves of their “reproductive rights.”, “Leave the Children Out of It” by Alexandera Desanctis, January 9, 2019



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Bethany Packard is absolutely in love with her wonderful husband, Chad. They live in the Dallas, TX area where they raised six amazing children and owned a business, though now retired. Eighteen terrific grandchildren hold their hearts. At age 49, the Packards were called to serve a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as a Senior Couple (though they certainly didn't see themselves as "Senior") and assigned to the Russia Moscow Mission. Leaving their family and business - before they were retired - took faith, but it also created the opportunity for God to perform many miracles in their lives. They are currently serving a Church Service Mission as Internship Coordinators for BYU-Idaho in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She loves music, interior design, cooking, sports, fall, and macaroni & cheese.

16 thoughts on “She Thinks Abortion is part of God’s Plan. No Kidding!

  1. JennaK.

    I haven’t been shy about talking to my kids about abortion since they were little. I can’t remember when my oldest first heard the term, probably around 1st or 2nd grade, and I was pregnant with my fifth. I sat him down and had a serious talk about what it was and that some people believe it’s okay but it’s not okay with Heavenly Father. And since then, it comes up a lot because it’s splashed across the media everywhere. They need to know what it is and what our belief on it is.

    I remember when I first was told about abortion. I was ten years old and watching the presidential debates in 1988 and the subject came up. I remember asking my parents what that was and when they gave the answer, that it was ending the life of a baby while inside the mom, I was blown away that such a thing even existed. It made zero sense to my 10-year-old mind and i decided right then that if I could vote, I’d vote for the person who was against such a horrifying thing. Nobody told me that was how to think, I just knew it was wrong from the minute I found out what it was. And I remember being asked by other students when I was in about the sixth grade (so twelve years old) if I was pro-Life or pro-choice and I didn’t even blink when I answered. When they razzed me about it (because being pro-choice was the “cool” thing), I simply told them I couldn’t understand a world where it was okay to kill an unborn baby.

      1. Alexx Sunmers

        Tragic and sad…it overwhelms me to think this is someone who is a member…it’s just like the scriptures say…”Good Is Bad, & bad is good”.
        Sorry if it’s TMI:
        My husband and I have had heated discussions about this very thing…I was of the vein of…(having survived being molested/& abused), I’d always say, if a child is compromised @a very young age (too young to understand), and a child was created in the process…I’ve always been an advocate to save the child first (victim) so abortion to me was justifiable)…it’s been years since I felt like this…and my views have changed since..I’ve learned tht hard things are only insurmountable without the Savior help.
        Can a child come to understand the consequences of such a hard decision? I say yes!
        It’s almost a cliche for our society, but “all things with Christ are survivable”, (paraphrasing) even unsupportable people in our lives who mean well but direct us away from the Savior..this article (rather this particular person who is promoting this kind of thinking, in her ignorance she hurts those who are in a vulnerable state already with such selfish nonsense!
        This is the equivalent (sorry just ticked) of someone who doesn’t want puppies or kittens, let’s just throw them away in the freeway, or flush them down the toilet (whatever the scenario, it’s ugly and evil!

  2. Paulynn Simmons

    The Heavenly Father I know and love cries every time a woman makes the decision to have an abortion !
    It is and NEVER will be a part of God’s plan !! And shame on you for getting children involved in this!!It breaks my heart that the very nature of these kids can’t feel the evil of this practice!! So sad!

  3. Laurie

    Although I am not an abortion proponent, your web site is becoming too political for me. I used to look forward to reading the uplifting spiritual messages and your perspective. That seems to have changed. I am unsubscribing to LDSWS.

    1. Bethany Packard Post author

      We are sorry to see you go Laurie. Though we also enjoy sharing uplifting gospel material here, at times it is necessary to be a bold voice and stand for moral truth, even when those things have been politicized by special interests. Abortion is a moral issue that has been politicized by those who want to make it acceptable, not just legal. When the Lord has made His will known and society has chosen to create their own law and standards we must not be ashamed or afraid to declare truth and point out the doings of the adversary.

      With the March For Life and it’s counter Women’s March this month it is important and timely for us to remind all of the Lord’s stance on abortion. If people who support the Lord’s position stay silent the only voices you’ll hear are those in opposition to Him.

      We hope you’ll occasionally drop back in for a good dose of encouragement, uplifting, and bold trumpet blowing.
      All the best,

    2. Melanie


      This isn’t about politics, although the anti-life movement would have you think its about that and about a woman’s rights (which it is also NOT about). It is about God’s plan for all of his children. Born and unborn. It is a moral truth that is not subject to variance. Thank you, Bethany, for having the courage to share this.

    3. A.

      And yet our Christian friends of other faiths are SO bold in speaking out against abortion! They don’t feel it is too political to speak up against this great evil 🙂 The evangelicals and Catholics knock it out of the ballpark on abortion! Why are members of the church so afraid of the “ickiness” of standing against abortion when the pro-life movement (other Christian faiths) have zero problem? Just musing here and trying to figure out why a few bristle against this when our prophets and apostles (even our current prophet, President Nelson, spoke very harshly against it and did indeed get “political” in his address against abortion). And yet, sometimes we, as members of the Church, are afraid of the boldness where there is boldness needed. Why would speaking out against the philosophies of the world and using specific examples be “too political” when our voices are needed “for such a time as this”? We cannot use tread lightly on great evil because we feel it is “too political”. I am very passionate about standing up against abortion with my fellow Christian believers. They are more courageous than we are on this issue. Just some thoughts!

      1. Bethany Packard Post author

        Thank you for your passion and courage Angela.

        Your comments made me remember a thought by President Harold B. Lee (I think) in a book I read called “Raising Righteous Youth in Zion”. While I can’t quote it verbatum the thought was along these lines… The adversary is being so bold in his fight against God that we can’t afford to tiptoe around and only whisper gospel truth in the ears of our youth. We must be equally bold. (I leant the book to someone years ago and never got it back. haha) But it’s SO TRUE!

        It used to be that Satan was usually quite sneaky in his work. But now it he seems to enjoy the limelight and microphones. He is bold and aggressive. My firm belief is that we must also be bold and courageous in our teaching of true truth. If we’re not, the world’s truth will be what most believe because of peer pressure and indoctrination.


  4. Jaye shackelford

    I am sick to watch that woman who had an abortion to offer her ideas to young kids -everything has changed socially and radically. I am a senior but I never get used to abortion, Iget sick, my stomach pitches. A life, a pure life sucked out of existence and offering that idea to kids!!!!! It’s wrong, except in extremely rare cases of course, but it is Wrong. Just talking about it like grocery shopping, I choose this, I won’t have that – about a human life! I believe that people who have an abortion and the ones who perform them have come to those points after denying in themselves for a very long time promptings, urges, ideas from God not to do what they are doing. That is the logical discussion.

  5. Rozy

    Satan is not subtle anymore! He boldly proclaims his evil from the housetops and drags so many unsuspecting down with him. Keep up the good work of proclaiming truth and righteousness!! We are told that many will be deceived in the last days and that the Lord will hasten His work to save the elect from destruction. Thank you for your voices and testimonies.

    1. Bethany Packard Post author


      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Being on the front lines is definitely not for the faint of heart, but we hope you’ll join us on it in your sphere of influence.

      Abortion is never a fun or light topic to address, but address it we must. It is important to shine a light on dark matters. In advertising, they used to say one comment or call represented a thousand like opinions. LDSWS understands that we are speaking for multitudes who believe in supporting the Brethren and STANDing for truth and righteousness, and in this specific case the evil of abortion on demand, as we do. We never take lightly that we are their voice.

      Thank you for following us. All the best,


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