My Social Media Fast – I didn’t want it to end!

During the women’s session of the April 2018 General Conference, President Russell M. Nelson, the prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, invited the women of the Church to do four things. The first was to take a 10-day social media fast. He said,

“I invite you to participate in a 10-day fast from social media and any other media that bring negative and impure thoughts to your mind. Pray to know which influences to remove during your fast. The affect of your 10-day fast may surprise you. What do you notice after taking a break from perspectives of the world that have been wounding your spirit? Is there a change in where you now want to spend your time and energy? Have any of your priorities shifted – even just a little? I urge you to record and follow through with each impression.”

When President Nelson issued that challenge, I knew that the Lord had been preparing me for it. A week prior, I had felt inspired to uninstall the Facebook app from my phone and only view it on the computer.

President Oak’s talk also went well with this challenge. He issued a challenge of his own as he encouraged us to become less dependent on our cell phones. He shared that over half of the nation’s youth admit they spend too much time on their cell phones; more than 40% feel anxious when they are away from their cell phones. As we move forward and apply conference to our lives, it would serve our youth – and ourselves – well to help lower these numbers.

Without hesitation, when the women’s session was over; I turned off my twitter notifications (a couple of days later I uninstalled twitter from my phone). I did not even go on either Facebook or Twitter to say goodbye or announced my 10-day departure. I chose to “go dark” immediately.

I loved being off of social media for 10 days. I didn’t miss it. During the same session, I had received some personal revelation on how to better help my son with his reading homework. Without the constant temptation to check Facebook, I was able to spend the needed time implementing that revelation into my day. I also had time to figure out a reading schedule and begin President Nelson’s second invitation: to read the Book of Mormon before the end of the year. My free time that I would normally use to pull out my phone and scroll for a bit has now turned into Book of Mormon study, as well as other important things.

During my fast, we traveled out of state for a family function. I had a better time visiting my family because I wasn’t constantly posting about our travels with pictures and updates. I simply lived in the moment and enjoyed my family.

I will confess that I got on Facebook once, and Pinterest once. I needed to share something important in my family’s group page (I figured the male members of my family would see it and pass it on), with the request to contact me via text message, phone call, or email. Since I didn’t scroll through my news feed, I don’t feel bad for doing that. I also quickly searched Pinterest to find a Book of Mormon reading schedule that would work for me. I only get on Pinterest when I’m looking for something specific anyway. I don’t just sit and scroll, so I also don’t feel bad for those few minutes either.

When the 10 days were up, I really didn’t want to get back on Facebook; but I did want to touch base with my awesome fellow writers here at LDSWS. You know that first bite of dinner after a food fast? It’s so yummy, and you really enjoy that meal. That’s not how I felt when I got back on Facebook. The very first post on my news feed was negative. I quickly checked the things I wanted to: family page, ward page, and our wonderful LDSWS community. I did not miss the negativity. I have decided not to reinstall Facebook or Twitter on my phone. I will still only get on the computer, which fortunately gives me less time. I’ll hang out here at LDSWS, and keep up with important people in my life, but I’m going to stay away from scrolling the news feed as much as possible.

This fast was good for me. I’m glad I followed my personal inspiration the week before, and I’m glad I accepted President Nelson’s invitation. What about you? Did you accept the invitation? What was your experience like?

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About Chelsey Ortega

Chelsey Ortega is a wife and mother of three: a boy and two girls. She grew up in the Provo/Orem area of Utah and still lives there. In 2015 she graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts in History Teaching coupled with a certification in TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages). Chelsey teaches English part time, and cares for her family full time. She loves reading, writing, dancing, and cooking; and is always looking for new books to read and new recipes to try. Chelsey writes about her family, faith, and other interests on her personal blog:

6 thoughts on “My Social Media Fast – I didn’t want it to end!

  1. Maria Allen

    Yes, Chelsey, I too did the fast, however, I am still doing it. As a matter of fact last year I had chosen to cut back on my time on Facebook anyhow. I was getting so tired of the overwhelming postings from family and friends that it was driving me nuts. I went as far as letting everyone know I was cutting back and some had responding thinking I was going to leave Facebook. It is funny how some think you are leaving altogether when they missed the point. I have only gotten on it at least once a week and only for about 30-40 minutes if that (even gone without for a week or so too) and I have been doing this before our beloved Prophet’s challenge. I do not have Facebook on my phone, nor do I ever use tweeter or Instagram. I have found it to be so refreshing being away from it and my spirit is where it needs to be and that is more in tune with my Heavenly Father. I haven’t decided as of yet when I will get back on Facebook at the moment. I kind of like the break and the peace and quiet that it brings to the mind and spirit. In fact I have been enjoying reading “Saints” among other things and loving every minute that I have away from social media. As they say when you look up you see life in a whole new perspective way.

    1. Chelsey Ortega Post author

      That’s wonderful Maria! Thank you for sharing your experience. And way to go for paving the way for the rest of us. Since writing this post, I have also decided to not get on social media on Sundays. Yesterday was my first Sunday not getting on, and it was very refreshing. I hope to read more of your testimony here and there in the future here at LDSWS. 🙂

      1. Maria Allen

        I did forget to say that since last year I don’t do Facebook on Sundays or on the days that I have attended the temple ( prefer to savor the moment from being home from the temple). In the meantime, I am so enjoying being away from it. I too still believe in the old fashion way to communicate with others. There is something to say about the things of the good old days. Life is so grand when taking a break of what really truly doesn’t matter.

  2. JoCarol Hamilton

    Since the only social media I use is Facebook, my fast was not as severe as many others was. Also, since I am a fairly old lady at 75, my main use of Facebook is keeping track of children, grandchildren, and great-grands. Thus, I missed the daily updates of their lives. However, by reminding myself what snailmail was like when I was a child and the rarity of long-distance phone calls back then, I was able to keep a proper perspective and maintain my fast. Now I an considering checking it only 3-times a week rather than the previous 6 (didn’t do social media on Sunday), as the break from worldliness was nice. Nana Jo

    1. Chelsey Ortega Post author

      Thank you for your perspective Jo! I still write handwritten letters and use snail mail to communicate with my 93 year old great grandma. She loves it, and says that I am the only one to do so. I think it’s wonderful you don’t get on Facebook on Sundays. Shortly after writing this post, I felt inspired to start doing the same thing. Yesterday was my first Sunday off of social media, and I loved it! I hope to see your voice again here at LDSWS. 🙂


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