Mormon Women Stand: Two Years Strong

Mormon Women StandOn March 10, 2016, Mormon Women Stand marked two years of standing. When I set out to invite the most fearless women I know online, to join with me and launch MWS, we had no idea that our collective efforts would gather, to date, over 40 thousand like-minded LDS women to virtually stand with us – thank you!

We knew what we wanted to accomplish right from the get-go, which is the reason our community of faithful LDS women has continued to increase at a consistent rate. Our mission is technically not our own. We have no agenda other than to amplify, uphold and support God’s prophets and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It’s really that simple.

We live during the time, prophesied of by prophets down through the ages when it is nearly impossible for an individual to stand up for that which is righteous and not be attacked (sometimes viciously). Sadly, that opposition is also found within the Church and for some from close family. The adversary’s efforts to undermine the work of the Lord are at an all-time high. By the looks of things, on any given day, if we weren’t women “who know” we might be convinced that he’s winning. However, because we understand that as we stand together to draw strength from one another upon the truths we hold dear we will have an increased influence for good in the world.

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, as MWS contributors, we want to highlight the Mormon Women Stand Mission – the engine that drives our diligent efforts as covenant women of Christ.  I will begin by featuring the first paragraph, and for me, deeply personal:

“Mormon Women Stand is a collaborative online effort to join like-minded female members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who share a desire to make a public stand as witnesses of Jesus Christ and support The Family: A Proclamation to the World. We believe standing together reflects the divine nature and power with which LDS women are endowed to influence others for good. We unequivocally sustain the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles—commissioned by God and sustained as prophets, seers, and revelators—and support how the Lord has delegated priesthood authority to organize and administer the gospel among all of His children.” Mormon Women Stand Mission Statement

First, let me say how incredibly grateful I am for the team here at Mormon Women Stand – both past and present contributors. This is a group effort if there ever was one. These sisters are truly valiant in their desire to stand “unequivocally” as stated. When we describe MWS as a “collaborative” effort, we mean it. We are continually in talks with each other on all facets of this endeavor. We don’t always agree. What we do agree on, is our united desire to sustain our leaders and their inspired direction to guide and direct the members of the Church. Each of us has a sincere testimony of Jesus Christ, that this is His work, and desire with all of our hearts to use social media to stand with Him and to be a light in the world.

In our description of ‘how’ to stand we include the word “public” to emphasize the need for Latter-day Saint women to visually stand up for morals and values that today, for the most part, is contrary to where the world is heading. We know it’s difficult. It’s no longer acceptable to know truth and keep it to ourselves – unwilling to rock the boat, so to speak. We must be valiant. The family is under attack. The idea of gender is under attack. Marriage has been redefined. Our children, more than ever before, need to be taught and equipped to uphold these truths. As covenant women if we don’t set the example, by speaking out in opposition to untruths, and sustaining truth, then we fail them and the Lord.

It is my prayer, as founder, that Mormon Women Stand will continue to go forth and gather like-minded women of Christ, who will gain strength from standing together and make a difference within their personal sphere of influence. We can do this as we seek the Spirit and boldly proclaim eternal truths using the various means of technology that we are blessed with today, of which I lovingly refer to as “the Lord’s power tools.”

Thank you, from the bottom of ‘our’ hearts, for standing with us. You inspire us daily!

Love, Kathryn

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About Kathryn Skaggs

Latter-day Saint Women Stand, Founder. Kathryn's online work includes blogging at 'Latter-day Saint Woman' sharing personal thoughts about her faith, traditional marriage, family and some current events. She is a pioneer in using social media to "noise abroad" the gospel of Jesus Christ. She particularly enjoys gathering like-minded members to join her in standing for truth and righteousness. Kathryn has been married to her eternal companion, Bob, for 40 years and together they have raised five children. Currently, they are enjoying their 13 grandchildren.

2 thoughts on “Mormon Women Stand: Two Years Strong

  1. Gramma Jo

    Thank you, Kathryn, for forming this media group and being willing to stand-for-the-right!! We, the average LDS women, are grateful!!


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