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Kathryn SkaggsMy name is Kathryn Skaggs, and I’m the Founder of Mormon Women Stand. I’m a wife, mother, , and grandmother, and I’ve lived my adult life devoted to the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From the start of our marriage, I was both blessed and privileged to have children and be in the home to raise them to adulthood—a conscious choice and one I fought to maintain, despite financial and worldly issues.

As a young 19-year-old mother and a recently reactivated member of the Church, I fought to resist the temptation to be more than “just a mom” and the feelings of self-doubt about my divine role as a mother and woman.  Yet, by developing a love for the inspired teachings and doctrines of my Savior Jesus Christ, I anchored myself in the knowledge that I was doing what I was born to do.  Through stolen hours amidst the commotion of motherhood, I developed a love for the scriptures and other church material, thus creating the foundation of my faith upon which I continue to stand.

In 2008, I began writing about Mormonism on my personal blog, A Well-behaved Mormon Women. The gospel of Jesus Christ is my passion and teaching it, my love. And, while I know the name of my blog ruffles feathers and even occasionally makes people wonder where I stand, I’ll happily own it. Over the years, the name has served me well by helping me counter much of the negative content surrounding what it means to be a Mormon woman.  It has also helped me provide credible content about the Church, online.

How so? The sad truth is that people generally prefer to read about Mormonism from questionable sources rather than firm ones. Call it ‘bait and switch’, if you will—it works.

When I first started blogging, LDS.org was relatively new and nothing like the amazing resource we have today. In fact, at that time, a search for LDS information or sources on the Internet typically led the searcher to anti-Mormon sites. Far too often, sincere questions were met with hateful literature.  The ‘bad-guys’ were winning–and that had to change.

Shortly after I decided to become part of the online LDS revolution, Elder Russell M. Ballard gave his landmark address, inviting members to get online and share who we are and what we believe. The thoughts and experiences of LDS women frequently took–and continue to take–center stage, with the vocal minority, publicly seeking to force cultural and even doctrinal changes within the Church; as a result, I felt more grateful than ever to be a devout Mormon woman with a strong voice that could offer earnest seekers of truth another perspective.

Through Mormon Women Stand, not only can we now provide a much more authentic mainstream view of Mormon women, but together we boldly stand for Jesus Christ.  We publicly support how our Savior has organized His Church through priesthood keys and the Family Proclamation. In this way, we hope to collectively use our divine power inherent in women to influence the world for good.

I believe that women of covenant, strengthened through unification, not only have a greater ability to influence those within their own sphere but also can literally change the world. It is my testimony that as we willingly align our hearts and minds with the Lord’s Prophet, together we are, in essence, the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We become a powerful force for good as we courageously stand as His witnesses for the work of salvation.

I testify that God lives and that His Son Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is His restored gospel upon the earth; it is the same church He established while in mortality. I stand as a witness that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and that through him the Savior has provided all the necessary keys of the kingdom, including His priesthood–as it is administered today–that families can be together forever.

I have received Moroni’s promise, by the Holy Spirit, I know that the Book of Mormon is true, written for our day, and for our benefit that we might know how to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him.

I know that a living prophet leads the Church today.  I feel it a blessing to show my faith in God, by sustaining and defending His chosen servant when necessary. Every good thing in my life is directly connected to the covenants I have made and the choices I continue to make to keep those covenants. There is no doubt in my mind that because Jesus Christ lives, I will, too. I know that the choices we make in this life will directly determine our happiness both here and throughout eternity.

Lastly, and to me most importantly, all of this would mean nothing without the knowledge that I can be with each of the members of my family for eternity. Without one of them, there would be no ‘heaven’. Because of Jesus Christ, I have every hope to believe that heaven awaits all those who come unto Christ!

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Kathryn Skaggs

Kathryn Skaggs

Mormon Women Stand, Founder. Kathryn's online work includes blogging at 'A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman' sharing personal thoughts about Mormonism, traditional marriage, family and some current events. She is a pioneer in using social media to "noise abroad" the gospel of Jesus Christ. She particularly enjoys gathering like-minded members to join her in standing for truth and righteousness. Kathryn has been married to her eternal companion, Bob, for 38 years and together they have raised five children. Currently, they are enjoying their 13 grandchildren.
Kathryn Skaggs

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5 thoughts on “Kathryn Skaggs: Mormon Woman Stand Founder

  1. name withheld

    Thank you so much for this. I am a former feminist who is very familiar with the slogan which inspired the name of your blog. I appreciate your leadership!

  2. Lyle Jessee

    When I think of the word “valiant,” I would think of endeavors such as this. Carry on Kathryn! The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is nothing to be ashamed of. It needs to constantly be promoted, praised, and defended.

    1. Kathryn Skaggs Post author

      Thank you, Lyle. Your comment made me think of a talk Elder Corbridge gave during General Conference a few years ago. In it, he said “One of the hallmarks of a life well lived, a life worthy to return to God’s presence and receive a fulness of the Father, is to be “valiant in the testimony of Jesus” (D&C 76:79). Paul was valiant, and we can be valiant as well. To be “valiant in the testimony of Jesus” is to be faithful. Paul was faithful. The Lord told Him to go, and he went. He never stopped. He was committed to following the Lord and doing right regardless of the consequences.” Don’t you just love that!

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