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Mormon Women Stand began with a Facebook page that rapidly gained community support and media attention due to its bold stand in “unequivocal” support of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Since then, Mormon Women Stand’s online presence has grown to include Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  The work of keeping these fast-moving pages current and engaging falls to a group of faithful LDS women who monitor the sites around the clock. They work together to create and share empowering and relevant content in keeping with LDS doctrine and the MWS mission statement. Meet the collective voices behind Mormon Women Stand:

Kathryn Skaggs: Founder, Editorial Advisor, Spokeswoman, Contributor, Guest Stand Coordinator

Angela Fallentine: Co-Founder, Managing Editor, Spokeswoman, Contributor

Jenny Baker: Contributor, Facebook Page Admin

Emily Barker Farrer:

Gina Holt: Copy Editor, Contributor, Facebook Admin

Chelsey Ortega: Contributor Facebook Page Admin

Bethany Packer: Contributor, Facebook Page Admin

Susan Porter: Contributor, Facebook Page Admin

Jelaire Richardson:

Diane Robertson: Contributor, Facebook Page Admin

Jan Tolman: Contributor, Facebook Page Admin, Spokeswoman

Montserrat Wadsworth: Contributor, Facebook Page Admin, Twitter Manager


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One thought on “MWS Voices

  1. Marilyn Archibald

    Thank you for helping me as a Mormon woman who stands firmly with the Brethren and the Savior. The voices of the world are getting so loud that there are times that I just despair that I am the only one thinking and feeling as I do. Thank you for the strength that I feel when I realize there are others. Sometimes it is lonely.


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