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Shauna Maylin - sweep the earthHi, I’m Shauna. These past few weeks have been trying, but fun. I went out of my comfort zone and pushed myself to do something I’ve never done, and it feels good. I am a stay-at-home mom with a three-year-old, a two-year-old, and a four-month-old baby, so I stay busy. Lately I have been feeling like I’d love to give more service to others but have felt incapable of doing much. The fact is, I have the needs of three young children to fulfill before I render service to others. So most of the time, the best way for me to be of service is to offer my husband when service in needed. But then I heard the talk by Elder David A. Bednar on social media: To Sweep the Earth as With a Flood.

His message intensely drew me in and struck my heart. Let me quickly add that I had been prepared to hear this by listening to President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk “Are You Sleeping through the Restoration.” Of course, I knew that I didn’t want to sleep through it — I wanted to be an active participant in the continuation of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’d been pondering on and praying about how I could further do so in my own life. This is when I saw a clip of the talk by Elder Bednar, which had been posted by a friend on social media.

I watched the full message and it spoke to me, so much so that I felt as if the universe should have slowed or stopped or something, so that we could all process the words and let it all seep into our souls! I wondered if it hit other people with the same impact. I started talking to people about it. I called my family and talked to my friends and it turned out that most hadn’t even heard of the devotional. That was such a shame and I thought that had to change.

It then occurred to me that I could be of service by sharing Elder Bednar’s message with others. I could actually do a little something, or be of some use. I wanted to spread the word about his talk. What better way to share goodness than to help others know about this inspired message, so that they can also participate in the flood of sharing messages of truth and righteousness?

Shauna Maylin 3 guest stand MWSI decided to go to the bishopric and asked if I could speak in sacrament meeting on this topic. (And no, I don’t normally ask to speak in church, or ever.) But then I got an even better idea, and so I started working on it. (Hint: It’s this video below) I’m not a writer by trade, nor do I do it often, but I felt impressed to start writing. I felt like I was supported and sustained because of my righteous desire. Shortly after I had made the decision to write down my thoughts, phrases just started coming into my mind. I would be in the middle of doing laundry or making dinner and lines would come and right then I would take a minute and jot them down. Then later, while getting ready for bed, more phrases would come.

I was on a spiritual high, and loving it, but make no mistake about it–the adversary squirmed his way in and tried to halt my progress, as he always does with any righteous desire. I thought, “What am I doing? An apostle of God brought this message about. Who am I to think I can accurately give this counsel any type of attention or justice?” But lines kept coming to my mind and I continued to write them down. Once I had quite a bit of material, I organized it all and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t just a sloppy mess.

Once the message was complete, I could clearly see that I most definitely had Heavenly aid. Heavenly Father was able to take my willing heart and help me to create something that could bring a little more attention to a talk given by an apostle of God.

But yet again, and even after I had completed writing the rhyme I felt like maybe it was just meant for me. Like, maybe, it was a personal testimony builder and that no one else would care to see it? And maybe it would look silly to get in front of a camera and recite it? Of course, all these thoughts and doubts kept running through my mind but then once again I scrolled through Facebook and stumbled upon this quick section of the end of the talk, that a friend had posted, where Elder Bednar looks right at the camera (and at this moment I swear he was talking to me) and says:

Elder Bednar sweep the earth social media“We have been and are blessed in so many ways; and where much is given, much is required. As an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, I invoke this blessing upon you:…that you may receive inspiration and guidance about the role you should play in helping to sweep the earth as with a flood of truth and righteousness.”

This “stumble” caused me to know two things. First, I learned I truly can do something to participate in this noble cause, because I can be given personal inspiration and guidance on how I can do so. Secondly, I learned that Heavenly Father can and will help others find those things that will help inspire them, teach them, guide them, or help them in their lives, as I did. However, he cannot lead people to a message that doesn’t exist. So, I stopped doubting. And although memorizing 5 minutes of text wasn’t easy, by then I knew of a surety that I was being helped and that I would continue to be sustained as I put trust and faith in Him.

So with one more preface, let me just say that my intent for making this video was to be of some service and to help move along the work of the Lord. And whether this message reaches just one person, 100 people, or 1000, I feel honored to be wanted and needed, on any level, as a part of His great plan in bringing forth the restoration of the gospel to all kindred, tongues and nations.

My whole intention for this video was to bring people to Elder Bednar’s words through mine. If you like the words of the message in my video, know that you will love the words Elder Bednar spoke. Give yourself a gift and go listen to his message. Join in with this #sharegoodness movement so that we can all answer the call “to sweep the earth as with a flood.”

Video: Let’s Uplift All Nations – Shauna Maylin


Shauna Maylin - family - Guest StandShauna Maylin, is married and the mother of three precious children ages three and under. She received a bachelor’s degree from BYU in Therapeutic Recreation and worked for several years in the field. Shauna feels so blessed to now be a stay-at-home mom. She says that, “everyday is an adventure and I love it.” She doesn’t regularly write but enjoyed writing for Mormon Women Stand. She looks forward to finding more reasons to write in the future. You can find Shauna on YouTube, where she hopes to create more inspirational videos to help “sweep the earth” by standing for Jesus Christ! (Complete text to video below.)


So, I just watched a message that brought me to tears; it’s one of the best that I’ve heard of in years.

I felt honored, inspired, needed, and loved to have such knowledge that I came from above,

And even more so, to be a part of today where modes of communication come in a million ways.

Prophets, priests, kings foretold of our day, when our Lord and Savior is back on His way.

This message I speak of had so much to mention that I thought it deserved a bit more attention.

Spoken by an apostle in our day and age, who’s devoted his life to teach us His ways,

Just reinstates my belief that the heavens are open. We can start healing the parts of the world that are broken

So back to the message by Elder Bednar…I want to tell you ‘bout it. Sit right where you are.

He asked us to sweep this earth with a flood with messages of righteousness inspired from above.

So i thought, what could help this progress come about? …If more receptive ears could hear the shout

So, here’s a slight contribution to the flood, in hopes this message seeps into our blood.

He started off about this last dispensation; the technology enlightenment is quite the sensation

We shouldn’t suppress it, or shew it away, because it’s growing in an exponential kind of way.

One thing we need to realize: it’s sent from God. This is one of the ways to get his message abroad.

What better way to lead, teach, and guide us than on the devices that sit right beside us?

The go-to for everything and now even this: we can give and gain, uplift with just fingertips.

Then turn around and reach out, to go and inspire the others around us to help light their fire.

It’s something we can all participate in, just one of the ways to bring others to Him,

So let’s use it for good, truth, and right so we can all be ones to shed the light.

But we’ve gotta be authentic, genuine, real. Every post or tweet should be the real deal.

Don’t put on a face or a false façade. People will love you, even with flaws.

We’ve all got ‘em. That’s what life is about. We’re all just trying to figure this out.

Let’s be ourselves and enjoy our differences. Then we never have to keep up on appearances.

What it takes is adding our own unique imprint in a world that so often pushes toward a reprint.

He needs each of us to stand our own ground, not conform to the norms that our world has been bound.

So let’s use these God-sent modes to uplift and edify, to spread love, not hate– That’s how we testify.

People will know Him by the way we make them feel, if truly we are led by the one who’s at the wheel.

It takes each of our special talents and gifts to help each other down from our most difficult cliffs.

Instead of writing words of self-degradation, let’s do something grand and lift up all nations.

Let’s uplift, support, virtually hug each other. Be sure to steer clear of bringing down one another.

No need to argue, debate, condemn, or belittle Each one of us is fragile; we can break. We’re brittle.

The fact we’re all different is one to embrace, and it’s what makes this world such a beautiful place.

God made us all different, it’s in His great plan, and I know that he loves me just the way that I am.

We all have something to add to this earth. If we could just see what to Him we are worth!

We are all children of noble birth, ‘cause our Father is king of heaven and earth

Our parts are never greater than our sum. To all of us he gave the same message:…“Come.”

He will lead us, and teach us, and help us to grow, that others may meet us and see our great glow.

But what he is saying is to not spend all day in front of a screen; you’ll waste life away.

So, we’ve got to be careful not to use it too often or actual relationships may be forgotten.

Too many relationships are harmed or destroyed. We have to show our loved ones their presence is enjoyed.

I wish I could say that’s the worse of offenses, but sadly we need to come to our senses

This age is fraught with limitless trouble, ‘cause when improperly used it can cause such a struggle.

‘Cause when God brings about something good to be used Satan attacks. Then it can be abused

because right where we find inspiration, light, and truth, a pop-up can blind you and corrupt, starting from youth.

Discoveries latent with such potent power to bless or destroy in this final hour,

makes the need to use it in a righteous way more important than ever, so we don’t stray.

One way to avoid any disaster is to make technology our servant, not our master.

With Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, we all have our own personal transmitter

So let’s use the platform of our choice to reach out and really raise our voice.

Use these powerful tools appropriately so we can share his message compassionately.

So let’s use prayer to gain inspiration, to help spread the good word to get to all nations

Let’s bombard it with right, and try with all our might to overpower the evil with a much brighter light.

So let’s fight the good fight, and use all our power to prepare for His coming in this final hour.

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8 thoughts on “Shauna Maylin: Let’s Uplift All Nations Video

  1. Kathryn Skaggs


    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched your video. I love it. I truly feel the Spirit when I watch it and know you were guided in writing the words, memorizing them and standing in front of that camera to record. Thank you for following the Spirit and ignoring the voices, which would have caused you to ‘stumble’ with fear. I hope that many see this and feel the fire of your testimony. Hopefully many more will join in and #ShareGoodness because of your efforts to help “noise abroad” the words of a prophet of God!

    Oh, and I still can’t believe you did this with three babies under three! Rock on!


  2. Joelle

    I love this!!! So many times I have felt Heavenly aid when I feel the need to suddenly do something that may be a little out of the ordinary. Reading your experience testified to me again that this church is true. That Christ lives and that we can receive revelation from God in our daily lives. Thank you for following the spirit, for sharing your testimony, and for being such a righteous example. 🙂

  3. Lee


    I’m so glad you chose to share your light and not to hide it. This is SO wonderful! I really felt Heavenly Father speaking to me through your words, especially when you said: “We all have something to add to this earth. If we could just see what to Him we are worth!”

    I have also experienced what you described about how the sentences just come. I love that experience!

    God bless you and your sweet family. May your words inspire and light a fire of righteous endeavor within the hearts of all who hear or read them.


  4. Marcy Storm

    That was truly beautiful and your heartfelt contribution has touched me deeply.
    Thank you very much for following your inspiration!

  5. Dorothy Machula

    You are remarkable! I too was inspired when I heard Elder Bednar’s talk. The difference is you did what he asked of us! Thanks for a beautiful effort and inspiration for each of us!


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