Guest Stand

Guest Stand Mormon Women Stand disciplesGuest Stand will feature select voices from our Mormon Women Stand community, invited to contribute their personal thoughts and experiences about what it means to stand for Jesus Christ, His apostles and prophets. Emphasis will be on current counsel and the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”.


We trust you will be inspired by their stories and invite you to have a conversation with our guests through commenting.

Mormon Women Stand Editorial Team

Rachel Benson: Faith Comes From Faithfulness

David and Melissa Hunsaker: What “The Church is Making Progress” Actually Means

Brandi Walton: I Am The Daughter of Lesbians, And I Am A Mormon

Michael Worley: Why I support the World Congress of Families

Alisa Olson: Four Reasons To Act Now for the Family

Bethany Packard: The Search for Supreme Truth and the Family Proclamation

Allison MacKay: Defender of the Family

Cindy Gunderson: Absolute Truth and Gay Marriage

Dina Alexander: 11 Scriptures to Help Teach Kids About Sex

Eleah Boyd: Learning to ‘Stand,’ Even When We Can’t

Breanna Olaveson: Motherhood as a Millennial Mormon Housewife

Kristine Stringham: Church: A Distinctive Effective Family Culture

Aubree Gittins: Mormon Women and Spiritual gifts

Courtney Wilson: Mormon Women and Priesthood: Part 2

Courtney Wilson: Mormon Women and Priesthood: Part 1

Dereana Murcia: Let’s Live Joyful!

Shauna Maylin: Let’s Uplift All Nations Video