FairMormon Podcast Interview with Mormon Women Stand Founders

IMG_5906 Kathryn Skaggs, Mormon Women Stand founder, and Angela Fallentine, co-founder, were interviewed by Nick Galieti for the FairMormon podcast ‘Articles of Faith‘ titled: Mormon Women Stand – Defending Prophetic Authority. The interview was an opportunity to discuss the establishment of Mormon Women Stand, and a recent article featured under the MWS Topics section: Chipping Away at Priesthood Authority of Mormon Prophets to Undermine Faith.

Host, Nick Galieti, FairMormon podcast


From the ‘About‘ section of the FairMormon website: “FairMormon is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing well-documented answers to criticisms of LDS doctrine, belief and practice.” Mormon Women Stand is pleased to share our collective voice with the FairMormon audience. Among the broad conversations about Mormonism and within and among its members, particularly females, ours’ is a voice that represents, we believe, the vast majority of Mormon women and what it looks and sounds like to be a faithful, covenant women of Christ.

Therefore, it must be heard and acknowledged. It might surprise many to know that Mormon Women Stand founders’ just met, last week. That’s right. Although they’ve known each other online for the past few years and have discussed in-depth many issues having to do with LDS women, as well as important social issues relating to Mormons, (the catalysts which caused Kathryn to invite Angela to be her MWS “missionary companion”) they’d never actually met each other in person. When Kathryn, living in California, found out that Angela, living in New Zealand for the past five years, would be in Utah last week to visit her parents, she decided to hop on a plane and take the opportunity to meet her face-to-face, and talk shop. In the planning of it all, they both realized that their meet-up would coincide with BYU Education Week and so they wiggled that opportunity into their week’s adventure.

Among the highlights of their week, the first, annual Mormon Women Stand board meeting IMG_5894 was held. Together with admins who lived in the area, they had a wonderful time getting better acquainted, and discussing the future of Mormon Women Stand—and of course, eating ice cream. The meeting was energizing, affirming the important online work these sisters are engaged in to gather like-minded women to stand for Jesus Christ and to cause our voice to be heard, broadly. The work accomplished last week in getting together many of those who manage, write and create the content and collective voice of Mormon Women Stand, promises a strong, ongoing effort of what it means to stand for Jesus Christ, as a covenant woman in the last days. We’d love to hear your thoughts after listening to podcast over on FairMormon: http://blog.fairmormon.org/2014/08/25/articles-of-faith-14-mormon-women-stand-defending-prophetic-authority/

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