Fair Mormon Podcast: Inside the Mind of An Inactive Member

BOAT2Nick Galieti from Fair Mormon recently interviewed Mormon Women Stand Admin, Laurie White, about her article Inside the Mind of An Inactive Member.

Those who leave the Church for whatever reason are still children of our Heavenly Father. It is not our responsibility to change their minds, only to love them—always—unconditionally. We must not desert them, whether they come back, or not. As we leave the ninety-nine and go after the one, we must remember that the one has agency which not even God will take away. We must respect that agency, as we love and respect them. We may (after heartfelt prayer) discuss and/or invite, but the decision to return is their own.

Every situation is different, and everyone has his or her own story. We need to be willing to listen—really listen—to their stories. A lot of assumptions are made about people who are not attending Church on Sunday, and most of those assumptions are wrong. We have never really dealt well with those who leave the fold.  It is time to start having some serious and open dialog about it, with no one excluded from the conversation.

Mormon Women Stand would like to thank Nick Galieti from Fair Mormon for his interest in this important topic and for his willingness to help shed some light on the issue and get it out in the open for discussion. You may access the Fair Mormon interview here.

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3 thoughts on “Fair Mormon Podcast: Inside the Mind of An Inactive Member

  1. EG

    I did not listen to the podcast about inactive members. It is a very important topic and all members, Bishops, and Stake Presidents need to sit up and take notice. I say this as an inactive member. No one bothered to come to us to find out what happened. I heard all kinds of stories about why we quit going to church and all were wrong. No one ever came to visit except to collect fast offerings. But we sure got phone calls to help in service projects for members who did not need the service, they were in the right clique. No one bothered to show any interest or care what so ever. We would get negative comments when ward members would see us. Example: You choose to be offended; sinners need to be in church; you are over reacting; you think you are better than us, etc. We have had more Christ like service and care shown to us from non members.
    When my daughter wanted to go to girls camp with an active friend who attended a different ward and go with that ward, the Young Women leaders of our ward threw a fit and said my daughter could not go unless she went with our ward. Wow. Such Christ like behavior, and caring. Yep, that attitude and immature behavior will get people active.
    The individual wards and stakes really need to do better with inactives. Actually, Mormons need to live their beliefs, which the majority do not do.

    1. Laurie White

      Thanks for sharing your story. The very reason I wrote this article is because I think it is time to hear ALL sides of the story. That is also why I agreed to do the podcast interview. Feel free to friend me on Facebook. You say no one bothered to ask what happened. I’m asking. Friend me on Facebook, and I would love to talk to you. I also invite you to listen to my own story of inactivity on the podcast–because I’m very up front and frank with the whole dirty business. Thank you for sharing part of your story in your comment, but I’m betting there is more. I’m here to listen and learn.

  2. Salote Puloka

    I’m a firm believer of this gospel of Jesus Christ. Grateful that was restored for the welfare of his children no matter if you a member or not but his truth is marching on to protect the people from the evils and wiles of the last days. Looking at marriage between a man and a woman is of God, that is how He created us, every human being came to this earth through this channel. There is no other way and if we accept the marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman,we are putting off the Lord’s creation, we are ending the Lord’s plan of happiness. We confuse our generations to come.We just destroy human families.

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