Day Two Report: World Congress of Families (Part one)

There were so many incredible sessions at day two of the World Congress of Families that we will need to break this up into two posts. In short, it was outstanding!
Main Plenary Session
Cathy Ruse, Esq. (Senior Council, Family Research Center):

Wow!  What a powerful and articulate woman!  She received several standing ovations in a packed to overflowing ballroom. She is an accomplished attorney yet she identified herself to us as:

1. A Catholic Christian
2. A mother

– “No man can be a mother and no woman can be a father.  All mothers know this.” Many are so blinded by their ideologies that they can’t see the simplest and most basic of things. If we declare the truth about mothering and fathering, we are now called bigots and insensitive.

– The government institution cannot raise, feed and clothe children. Only mothers and fathers can do that for children, and that is why the government is involved and concerned about marriage.

– Regarding same sex marriage, society is not satisfied with winning SCOTUS.  It was never about tolerance.  It’s about punishing everyone that does not agree with you.  “Society says if you disagree, you’re a bigot.  Well, I disagree!

– The law isn’t interested in love and never has been. Who you love isn’t the government’s business—until now.

– The vast majority of people in the world believe in man/woman marriage. Those against this do not want us to believe this. Only 20/220 nations have gay marriage, and those nations that do have it used judges to make it legal and not the voice of the people. 1.5 million Spaniards took to the streets protesting it. Nearly 2 million French protested and took to the streets of Paris to declare that marriage is for children, with one mother and one father (see the La Manif Pour Tous movement—incredible).

– We must remember all the facts about the American gay marriage legalization story (nearly all states voted to create in their laws that marriage should only be between a man and a woman in place up until 2015). The voice of the people was not heard in 2015 but activists judges overruled all the states laws. Historians will not write these things. They will write that there was a sweeping and sudden change in the view of gay marriage among the public and Americans changed. This was not true, so we need to tell the real story and keep the correct history alive so that the next generations do not lose what really happened.

– In the days ahead, mothers and fathers will have to proclaim the importance of mothering and fathering and children need both, a mother and a father, not merely two adults in the house. Mothering must be taught. Fathering must be taught.

– Our enemy in this fight is not our neighbor. It is those who would be our masters.

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Brian Brown:
On June 26, 2015 did SCOTUS really change the definition of marriage? No.  It merely injected a lie into the law.  Judges are not supposed to make laws, only render opinions, but they have become our masters.
There is no time to be depressed.  We must be united and have a vision of who we are and grow through our convictions.  We must do the work.  We must live out the truth that marriage is between one man and one woman and we need to show the beauty of the mystery in the relationship that allows us to create children.  We should have hope because history does tend to lean toward truth and justice, but it does not happen in a vacuum.  We are required to stand up.

– Please do not be afraid to post your beliefs on Facebook and blogs. People always say that they don’t want to ruffle feathers or are afraid of vicious attacks from their pro-same sex marriage friends (we’ve all experienced this). Be kind, courteous and truthful to what you believe.

– Do not be afraid! Martyrs have died in the fight for their deeply held religious and personal beliefs throughout history—and you are afraid of posting something on Facebook?

Steps forward:

1. Continue to affirm the truth that by its nature, marriage is only between a man and a woman. Do it with love, but do not be silenced.

2. Reject the SCOTUS decision in principle. Read the dissents and see what they actually said. Do not accept false reasoning put forth by the other judges.
3. Overturn the decision. As long as the SSM decision remains, religious freedom will continue to erode. Remember, look at Roe v. Wade and abortion. More people today are pro-life than ever before and are working to overturn it.
4. We must contain the damage that the decision created by getting a robust protection of religious rights.
He had strong words for Christians: DO NOT stay out of politics! Christians need to get involved. Step up to the plate. Run for city council, school board, state legislature and even higher political offices. Do what you can in your own state and community. The courageous, average person can do great things.
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Dr. Wendy Ulrich:
We need to show our children how to have a soul-satisfying marriage instead of just a stable or non-divorced marriage. If they don’t see this, they are less likely to be optimistic about or planning on marriage for themselves. They want more than what they are seeing from their parents.  The single most important thing that is common in successful, long-term, traditional marriages is the ability to solve problems together, yet, 69% of problems are unsolvable, so this requires an increased sense of humor, and acceptance of things we cannot fix and still being loving and loyal anyway.
– The goal is to grow up together, not to grow old together.
– #1 factor in successful marriages: How well we do at solving problems together.

– The vast majority of marriages could have been saved from divorce if there would have been good problem solving skills, humility in arguments, more compassion at your spouse’s weaknesses, willing to apologize and forgive early and quickly, and less selfishness.

– Love is not something we just fall into, it is something we climb toward.
Reverend Rafael Cruz:
On June 26, 2015, SCOTUS decision essentially declared that God was wrong when he said he created man and woman in His image and that the first commandments were to marry and then multiply and replenish the earth.  The family is from God.
Our foundation must be on Jesus Christ:  “For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”  — 1 Corinthians 3:11
To not speak or act is to speak and act; and God will judge us for our silence.  We need to get involved, be bold and be prayerful.  If we pray, ourselves and with others, we can affect change.  We must also teach our children about God because if they love the words of God, they will love the ways of God.
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Angela Fallentine

Angela Fallentine is the Co-Founder of Mormon Women Stand. She is a native of Alberta, Canada and has loved living in New Zealand and briefly in Europe. She is a researcher and analyst for a think tank which focuses on social issues, religious freedom and international policy affecting the family at the United Nations.