Day 3 Report: World Congress of Families

It was another great day of learning and research in Salt Lake City for thousands of people from around the world.

More to come from other speakers throughout the day.

Plenary Panel

Francisco Tatad – Former Majority Leader in the Senate of the Philippines

– There is no greater gift than the gift of life. There is no greater gift than the ability to procreate. If we truly understood this, it would be mind-blowing.

– How do we move forward in the marriage, life and family battle? We need to have a deep understanding and love for the gift of life at all stages.

Mark Tooley – Institute on Religion and Democracy
– Mark talked about the decline of faith WITHIN America’s religions. Why? Liberal and progressives within churches are moving to post-modernism and secularism,

– Progressives are trying to dilute their faith’s doctrine and moral traditions to accommodate secular culture. How? Minimizing the importance of traditional families and moral values.

– As more Christians cleave to their traditional faith, they will need to stand up stronger against the tide within their own churches and continue to declare the importance of truly living the doctrines of their faith. This will prompt a new generation of people who are willing and eager to take a stance on moral issues.

– Despite what we think of Christian apathy, there has been an improvement of dialogue on tough social issues that have elicited strong responses from various religious leaders.

– Christians need to study the issues, get informed and define the core principles of their faith.

– We see the over-sexualizing of politics that are infiltrating into our foreign policy. For instance, at the United Nations, large countries like the U.S.A. are strong arming and compelling small, poor countries to change their policies on abortion and gay marriage. They withhold or threaten to withhold aid if these countries who believe in life and traditional family do not comply. (Side note from the author: I have seen first hand at the UN the bullying that takes place by Planned Parenthood and UN agencies and this is true. They hold aid and assistance hostage until the third world nations give in).

– The UN and U.S. government are slyly weaving “sexual rights” into all their policies and this is accelerating. Sex and sexuality of all types are being institutionalized within American diplomacy and now the educational systems across the U.S.

– We are witnessing a rising concern of average citizens for their own lands.

– We will lose if we do not speak up. When you truly love your country, you do not sit and watch it be destroyed.

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