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Infertility, Motherhood and Sister Oscarson’s Talk

Sister Oscarson’s talk in the General Women’s meeting, “Rise Up in Strength, Sisters in Zion” sparked a lot of dialogue within the women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The entire talk was full of powerful council, warnings and doctrine; yet the quote that seemed to garner the most amount of attention was this one:

Sister Oscarson is correct and I agree with her that motherhood is of utmost importance, despite the fact that I experience infertility. Yet, sadly, there are some who murmur whenever leaders proclaim the importance of the doctrine of motherhood and eternal marriage. I deeply empathize and mourn with those that mourn as they suffer through the grief of infertility, but I am unable to murmur with those that murmur against our Church leaders for boldly proclaiming Christ’s doctrine of motherhood and the family.

I truly understand what it is like to not have the “ideal” in the Church because I have never been able to have children. At times, it has been painful to be childless in a very family centered church. To some, it may seem a bit ironic that regardless of my personal circumstances, I have a deep and unshakable testimony of the doctrine of motherhood and the family. I can say that for me,  it came as a result of engaging in intense study and prayer. Through this process, I discovered that Christ’s Atonement heals and takes away deep pain in our hearts, and His power to replace heartache with hope, peace and joy is nothing short of miraculous. Continue reading