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1975-12 Isamare Guelita (1)

My mother and grandmother in 1975

My mother’s hands are a lovely brown against the white material as she pushes her needle back up through the fabric. I’m lying in my favorite spot under the quilting frame as women are gathered around stitching away. The thread is pulled from top to bottom, bottom to top binding the various layers that make up the quilt. I can hear the women talking and laughing and, occasionally, crying. They discuss everything from what Johnny did yesterday to an upcoming trip to what was taught in church last Sunday. There is a camaraderie here. It is made with every experience shared, every thought expressed, every hug to comfort and wipe away tears. This is sisterhood. It is a cherished childhood memory.

We truly live in a time where our Relief Society sisterhood is a great global community! Not only do we have the opportunity to meet with sisters locally but with the advent of the internet we can meet women in the gospel worldwide who have the same beliefs and values we do, who stand for truth and righteousness.  In a Mormon Channel episode Sister Julie B. Beck spoke specifically about the internet and how women can use their influence for good.

“Where does a blog fit into this? Think about the influence Latter-day Saint women could have if they are articulate. Not just about anything, but they are articulate about the things they stand for, which are encapsulated in [Daughters in My Kingdom] and in the scriptures. If they can express their faith. if they can express what families mean to them, if they can serve in a way to seek out and help those who are in need of those covenants and ordinances and the blessings of the gospel in a distinct and different and happy ways, from the women of the world — those are some principles.

“…What is the tone of our conversation on a blog? I’ve read a lot of blogs, just to become acquainted with this. Are we representing ourselves as harried, as silly, as distracted? Or are we representing ourselves as who we really are? Latter-day Saint women are generally well informed, intelligent. We’re challenged by our life experiences, but we triumph. We are problem solvers. We know how to do that. So we come from a long line of strong, faithful, purposeful women. Some of the stories in here [Daughters in My Kingdom] can maybe influence the tone of how we represent ourselves.

“This is a great opportunity, but we also have the responsibility. We’re accountable for managing it in a way that will bless others and will show us as being distinct and different in happy ways.”

Part of our goal here at Mormon Women Stand is to do just that.

Mormon Women Stand focuses on positive relationships and conversations that bring women closer to Jesus Christ. LDS women around the world need to have a place where they can stand strong together and have a conversation—as friends in the same room would—guided by the Spirit, remembering the example of Jesus Christ, and heeding the direction He gives through His prophets and apostles. (Mormon Women Stand Mission Statement)

SistersAs we gather together to share our experiences and have gospel conversations we strengthen one another. The common thread of the gospel binds us together. We will need that strength more than ever before as we defend marriage and family, stand for living prophets, and bear witness of Jesus Christ in our homes, our communities, and throughout the world. This is sisterhood!

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  1. Angela Fallentine

    Great post! I really liked that Mormon Channel interview with Julie Beck. I’ve listened to it before and it’s one of my favorites. She is so articulate and says things like they are.

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