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‘Devilish Infirmities’ Plaguing Our Day

Certain Women and Their Infirmities

During the ministry of Jesus Christ, “certain women were mentioned alongside the twelve apostles. But it was their special calling as the first to see the empty tomb and witness the resurrection of Jesus Christ that makes us wonder what made these women so special in the eyes of our Savior.  The scriptures explain…

“And it came to pass..that he (Jesus) went throughout every city and village, preaching and shewing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God: and the twelve were with him, And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, (Luke 8:1. Emphasis added) 

What do these “evil spirits and infirmities” have to do with how these women were prepared for their unique missions? And more importantly, why did the writers of the gospels feel the need to point out their personal trials?

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Faith in Jesus Christ is the Key Defense Against Spiritual Decline

In April 2019 general conference, President Henry B. Eyring talked about the differences between a family being spiritually minded and having spiritual decline. Being spiritually minded simply requires faith in Jesus Christ and through that faith, we can feel the Holy Ghost guide us. Spiritual decline, on the other hand, comes in many different forms and branches us off onto all sorts of different paths. President Eyring used the example of the spiritual decline in the Book of Mormon 200 years after Christ visited those ancient people (see 4th Nephi):

  • Pride crept in.
  • The people stopped sharing what they had with each other.
  • They began to see themselves in classes above or below each other.
  • They began to diminish in their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • They began to hate.
  • They began to commit all kinds of sin.

Anyone can look at personal examples of spiritual decline and fit them into one of the above categories. President Eyring said that the underlying cause of spiritual decline is “Satan trying to lead good people down a path to sin and thus to lose the influence of the Holy Ghost.” No matter which category spiritual decline starts in, it all ends the same with losing the influence of the Holy Ghost. How can we prevent that from happening? How can we bring back spiritual mindedness if decline does happen? Continue reading

April 2019 General Conference: Many Called, But Who’s Listening?

Many Called, Are We Ready to Listen? 

“How long can rolling waters remain impure? What power shall stay the heavens?” (D&C 121:30)

Change has been rolling over the Lord’s Church since President Nelson became the prophet. Each new announcement has called upon the Saints to roll the work forward at an unprecedented pace. These changes brought new life to the way we worship, learn, and organize and keep us from becoming stagnant. Some expected April Conference to keep the waters rolling. But instead of rolling out more changes, we were humbled to hear the loving voice of the Lord calling us to change ourselves and Come Unto Him! His fervent pleading with his children reminds us that it is through Jesus Christ that we can change and become like our Heavenly Parents. To do this, he has asked us to strengthen home and family, repent, and come unto Christ…. but are we listening?

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The Challenge of Living Life in the Air

Up In The Air

Do you ever feel that life always keeps you “up in the air”? Everywhere I turn, I see friends who are dealing with one upheaval after another. Just as they get their feet on the ground, they are tossed into another trial. Physical, mental, financial, and spiritual trials do not always heal completely before another problem is thrown into the mix. 

It’s Exhausting! It’s Unsettling! It’s Confusing!

My friend, June*,  is a caring and devoted mother who just lost her husband to a prolonged illness. Not only is she fighting her way through the mourning process, she is trying to work out the financial mess of years of health-care costs. Her young-adult children are suffering too. Some had turned to substance abuse to deal with the stress of their father’s condition. Others are rebelling against their mother and her faith, making her mourning even more severe. The pressure of these trials caused Jane’s auto-immune disorder to flare up. She hasn’t been able to go to work for a few weeks, and she is at risk of losing her home.

June did not do anything to bring these trials upon herself. She tirelessly gives of herself to help ease the burdens of those around her. But when June looks in the mirror, she sees a mess that she has no idea how to fix. Prayers, blessings and temple visits bring her peace, but they do not stop the unraveling of her family situation. This is hardly what June had envisioned for her life.

June isn’t the only one experiencing trials upon trials. It seems that most, if not all of us, are in a season of testing. Gratefully, there is a pattern for this in the scriptures.

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