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Where Does Political Genius Come From?

constitution-scroll-flagWhere does our political genius come from?

  1.  From good people who take the time to study the United States government.
  2.  From God-fearing people who accept and act on the will of God.
  3.  From you and from me.

Our country is still a great country, and we should honor its rightful place as the Promised Land, but it has lost its footing and balances precariously along its mountaintop stance. Please read the attached post of ways we can honor our dear country. The writer lists simple, and not so simple, things we should know and do in the political realm. Each of us has the ability. Each of us has the calling. Each one of us loves our country enough to Continue reading

Fathers, Be Good To Your Daughters

“Pop icon Katy Perry once said, ‘I don’t need a dude to have children.  We are living in the future. I’m not anti-men. I love men. But there is an option if someone doesn’t present himself.’  . . . I’m going to spend the next little while addressing this statement, and say, ‘Katy, if you have a daughter, she will need a man as a father-figure.”

That was BYU-Idaho professor Dr. Timothy Rarick’s opening message to a packed audience of UN diplomats and international guests in his recent presentation on the impact of fathers at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Using research, anecdotal stories, and multi-media, Dr. Rarick made a compelling case as to why daughters need fathers, and fathers need daughters. 

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father 7I quickly weary of all the male bashing from many women in society today. I don’t agree at all that females are demeaned by a gentleman opening a door for them, offering his arm or hand as a means to help steady their steps, or motioning for a lady to enter through a door before he does. To me those things are gallant and show respect. I do believe that women are as capable as men, but not divinely designed equally across the board. There are wonderfully intentional differences.

I tire even more quickly with the few shrill, or low murmuring, female voices from within the ranks of our Church members who feel they are diminished by the role God gave his daughters, not including the holding of His priesthood. The ‘bearing’ of children must be seen by them as somehow lesser than the ‘bearing’ of the priesthood. In this they are misguided at best. Each gender has a divine purpose assigned, as a son or daughter of God, as revealed in ‘The Family: A Proclamation to the World.’  As the Creator, God defined the proper and perfect roles for His children.

The ‘bearing’ we each do in our divine roles as women and men, requires the support of the companion and opposite role for its best success. Continue reading

Why King Lamoni’s Father is My New Book of Mormon Hero

Christ and the rich young manSacrifice is something we are all expected to do for Jesus Christ and His gospel. It is something that at times can be very simple, but at times can also be very hard. In my most recent study of the Book of Mormon, the story of King Lamoni’s father really stuck out to me. His willingness to sacrifice everything to know Christ is very inspirational; and in studying his story, he has become my newest Book of Mormon hero. The story of King Lamoni’s father also serves as a great contradiction to the story of the rich young man found in the New Testament. The contrast between these two stories serve as a great example of how much we should be willing to sacrifice when it comes to following Jesus Christ.

The rich young man’s story can be found in Mark 10:17-31. This man asked Jesus what he needed to do to gain eternal life. Jesus told him that he knew the commandments, then the man replied that he had observed those his whole life. Jesus’ response is the big test of faith: Continue reading