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Pornography: Fortify Our Line of Defense

mormonad-just-looking-1118418-galleryThis past week, I attended a meeting on how to protect our families from pornography, hosted by LDS Social Services. It was a great meeting that gave valuable information without dwelling on the overwhelming weight of this depravity.


I went home encouraged that we can all overcome this. We may become as the stripling warriors, who came back wounded, but not one was lost (Alma 56: 55-56). I particularly appreciated the vision of fortifying my home as Moroni did all of the Nephite cities.


As a child, I remember hearing people complain how long and boring the book of Alma was. The war chapters were often skipped, or casually glanced over. Today, I have discovered that there is much to learn in these chapters. We are in a war and Moroni shows us in great detail how to fight, how to protect, and how to win. Captain Moroni was fearless when it came to defending his liberty, his wife, and his children.

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I Enjoy Being A Girl! And a Wife, Mother, Daughter, and Sister

lamanites and nephitesWhen our children were young, we used to play a made-up game for FHE. At dinnertime, my husband would announce, “let’s play Nephites and Lamanites tonight!” and a whoop would rise to the rafters while I would silently moan unnoticed and ignored.


The family would divide into two teams. It wasn’t about being on the “good” team or the “bad” team, because both teams had to be sneaky, cunning, and daring. After hiding a washcloth somewhere in their “territory” (living room or family room), the objective was to send scouts out to find the other team’s washcloth while guards stayed back to protect their own.


There were two serious problems with this well-loved game:

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Faith, Worship and Overcoming Weakness

worshipWe worship God as the supreme act of faith in Jesus Christ. The commandment to do so, I believe, is equal to the first principle of the gospel: faith in Jesus Christ; the Giver of all commandments. To worship God is to have faith in His Plan made possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ; acknowledging our complete dependence and gratitude for both in order to overcome the world and receive the crowning blessing of Exaltation.

It is only by the grace of God, made possible because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, that we are able to repent of sin, overcome personal weakness and eventually become perfected. Grace is a power beyond that of the natural man. Grace enables us to accomplish that which we, left to ourselves, could never do.

Without grace, there would be no hope.

With this understanding then, how important is our faith in relation to obtaining grace? I believe it’s everything; it is the foundation upon which we are enabled to act according to God’s laws of progression. Continue reading

Making A Difference This Coming Year

Edmund BurkeYou’ve all heard this important quote from Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” We live in a world where evil is rearing its ugly head and the question we are all asking ourselves is how are we going to make a difference this coming year?

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