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Why You Can’t Be Loyally Opposed to the Church

Free stock photo of person, woman, apple, hotelThere has been a lot of talk lately from members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who say they sustain the prophet and apostles but actively promote opposition to the Church’s stance on same-sex marriage and homosexual relationships and try to persuade others to dissent. Can one be true to the faith if they are doing this? Is there a such thing as “loyal opposition” in God’s kingdom?

With this particular issue, we’re not talking about minor disagreements. We’re talking about being opposed to fundamental, core doctrines of the gospel; namely that marriage is only between a man and a woman and the law of chastity. Put these two things together and one can see how it creates an impasse; and sadly, a wall between them and the prophet.

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Hold Firm Or Be Swayed

Absolute Truth and Gay MarriageIt has been my experience that those I personally know who struggle with the SSM attitudes in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are those whose testimonies are not firm in the doctrine of the family. As bold a statement as this may be, I have seen it proven time and time again by what I have seen and what the Brethren have taught in General Conference for years. If we don’t hold firm to the family doctrine of the Church, we may be swayed.

We’ve been warned that we are in danger of falling away from the Church if we don’t put our faith in Jesus Christ; that we must read the Book of Mormon regularly and how vital it is to have regular, sincere prayer in order to be guided by the Holy Ghost. I have also come to learn that the people I know personally who have struggled with this debate are not following the prophets who have raised these warnings.

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To Stand With Unshaken Faith

Jacob Unshaken FaithThe record left by the Book of Mormon prophet, Jacob, is truly revelatory when compared to our day – and in particular, to what is going on within the Church, as we speak. In seven chapters, Jacob’s ability to know what to record, which would be of greatest worth to covenant members of the Church now, is simply stunning!

Jacob’s final chapter is the result of the people rejecting the message he boldly recorded at the beginning of his writings. “And it came to pass…” that the anti-Christ, Sherem (our first in the Book of Mormon), enters onto the scene and we learn of the many sophistries he enlisted to undermine a prophet of God – one with, literally, “unshakable faith.”

And “thus we see,” in only seven chapters the effects of sin on those who reject a prophet of God and exactly how to stand, ourselves, with “unshakable faith” against the constant barrage of challenges to our faith – thus our standing before God. Continue reading

Jesus Would Help the Syrian Refugees

file0001349539280Back in September I began feeling alarmed at the refugees coming out of Syria. Like many people, I felt distress over the young boy that was found washed up on the shores of Greece and the other photos of the refugees appearing on the news and on the internet. I thought about my personal difficulties and those of my family. My husband has been unemployed or underemployed for nearly three years now.

I thought about some of the difficult things. The times when my husband only ate one meal a day because we hadn’t received the promised pay from contract work. I thought about how my picky eater kids suddenly would eat whatever was put in front of them because they were very hungry. I thought about how the kids wore shoes that were too small or worn out or the wrong type. And I knew that compared to these refugees, we have not suffered at all.

I thought of some of the people who have helped us. I thought about the brand new washing machine that showed up at our door just as ours was breaking or about the Santa Claus that showed up on our doorstep on Christmas Eve after I told my little children that Santa did not come to kids whose dad does not have a job. And I knew that these refugees needed angels and they needed them now!

A few days later, I listened to some conservative news radio and heard people saying how we cannot bring the refugees here because there are terrorists trying to get into our country through the refugee program. I heard that again and again over a couple of months. And I felt confused. Shouldn’t we help the destitute no matter who they are? Continue reading

I Will Always Follow the Prophet

follow the prophetI’ve been thinking about the phrase I’ve been hearing a lot lately, about how children shouldn’t be “punished” for the sins or actions of their parents.  Let me clarify, as one who should know.  Children are not punished for the actions of their parents, but sometimes they do suffer for them.

Some children suffer a lot more than others, but whenever parents make choices that negatively affect their children, believe me, the children suffer.  I attended World Congress of Families IX two weeks ago.  It was a productive and enriching experience.  I learned and re-learned things and made new friends.  I came home feeling excited about what I might be able to do to curb the tide that threatens traditional marriage and family values.  Let me share with you my personal story of how I know that even though children might suffer for their parents’ choices, but are never punished for them. Continue reading

How Long Must I Make This Choice?

Amundsen-Polo_sud.-Con-caniHistory shows us that those who choose consistent, enduring-to-the-end behavior come out stronger, happier, and more powerful than those who show behavior that is more erratic and discontinuous. This choice is demonstrated clearly by the following story about the first expedition to the South Pole.

Roald Amundsen led a team of men using sled dogs. From the very beginning of their 1,400 mile journey he decided that no matter what the weather was like they would set a goal to make 20 miles each and every day. Because of bad weather they sometimes made less than their goal, but they always strove for the goal of 20 miles every day—no matter what.

ponies-1000Robert Falcon Scott led another team of men using packhorses. Because of the horses, they were able to carry more provisions. From the beginning he psyched his men to go hard and push themselves on the good days. When the weather was too harsh, they would rest and prepare to set out hard as soon as they were able.

Guess which team made it to the South Pole first?

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When Questions Arise ‘Will Ye Also Go Away’?

the 5000It was a large gathering. John calls it “a great multitude.” They had come to listen to the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, hoping to see another miracle. They were not disappointed. Christ had the 5,000 sit on the grassy ground. He took five barley loaves and two small fishes offered by a lad, blessed and broke them, and the disciples distributed the baskets of food to the crowd. When all were filled, the remnants were gathered up, 12 baskets full. John records that those who witnessed the miracle then said, “this is of truth that prophet that should come into the world.” [1]

The next day the multitude followed after Him. When they confronted Him about why He had left, He answered that they were more concerned with the food that He had provided than His message. Then came the beautiful sermon on the symbolism of the manna from heaven to the Children of Israel.  “I am that bread of life. Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead…I am the living bread which came down from heaven; if any man eat of this bread, he shall live forever…” The crowd was mostly frustrated with this teaching. It was to be spiritually discerned, but they could not receive it. When they realized that their physical need, their bodily appetite, was not to be satisfied again, they lost interest.  John sadly records, “from that time many of His disciples went back, and walked no more with Him.”[2] Continue reading

Soy hija de lesbianas, y soy mormona

Mormon daughter of lesbian coupleHoy mi corazón se está rompiendo. No porque mi iglesia haya decidido que los hijos de parejas homosexuales esperen hasta que tengan dieciocho años para ser bautizados, sino porque tantos de mis hermanos y hermanas están luchando con la decisión, algunos yendo tan lejos como para decir que la decisión ha destruido sus testimonios de la veracidad de la iglesia.

Fui criada en un hogar homosexual desde los tres años de edad hasta los dieciocho. Fui lo suficientemente afortunada de tener una madre que me permitió asistir a la iglesia y que me llevaría a prácticamente cualquier iglesia que yo hubiera deseado. En algunas maneras, ella preparó mi eventual descubrimiento y aceptación de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días porque siempre me alentó a hacer preguntas, y no creer algo solamente porque alguien me haya dicho que eso era cierto. También me había dicho que fuera escéptica de la gente, y de algún modo, eso allanó el camino para que aprendiera cómo recibir revelación personal y entender su importancia. Continue reading

Guest Stand: Faith Comes From Faithfulness

faithfulness, faith“The most powerful force in human nature is the spiritual power of faith.” Howard W. Hunter

I’ve had occasion recently to wonder about the foundations of my faith. It may sound strange to say it, but I have powerfully strong faith. I was blessed with a believing heart, meaning that when friends taught me the gospel 32 years ago, I had an easy time understanding and accepting the truth. Their examples of faith gave me the strength to begin building my own testimony. Over the years, my faith has grown into a rock solid foundation that strengthens me in every aspect of my life.

I love the LDS faith so much, especially when I think about all the Church is and all that it means in my life. While my testimony is centered in Christ’s atonement, I truly love every aspect of the gospel. From the pioneers to the prophets, I cherish my church and it’s teachings. I love the prophets from Moses to Monson. I love the scriptures and the Sabbath. I love General Conference and the General Authorities, fasting, the Family Proclamation, and FHE. From tithing to temple worship, I’ve fully invested myself in all aspects of Church membership, and I’ve reaped dividends far beyond what I ever anticipated in the early stages of my membership. I’ve sometimes said that if I had known then what I know now, I would have literally run to the waters of baptism! Continue reading

Murmuring With Those That Murmur

LDS Church Handbook ISocial Media is being inundated with some  members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) declaring their objection to the recent policy updates in the Church. Some have even gone as far as saying that they intend to walk away from their faith. This makes me wonder if they realize that these policy updates have come directly from The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. These prophets, seers and revelators are doing exactly what they have been commissioned by the Savior to do: prophesy, see and reveal. Theirs is a unique calling; they are Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, chosen and commissioned by Him. When something this collective is done on such serious issues, don’t believe for one second that they acted rashly, are misguided or decided this without careful consideration, prayer and fasting. Yet without much pause, some are already announcing their intentions to walk away from their faith, their beliefs, and their covenants — and with very public criticism of the Church via social media.  In a twist, members are being asked to “mourn with those that mourn”, with perhaps the expectation or inference that we will also “murmur with those who murmur.”

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